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Zipper Bags Widely Used
Nov 06, 2017

Zipper Bag is a wide range of applications, such as beverage packaging, seasoning packaging, tea packaging, dry goods series of packaging, leisure packaging, such as the use of independent packaging bags This new form of packaging. More than food category some washing supplies, daily cosmetics, Zipper Bags medical supplies, etc. are also widely used.

In recent years, the self-help zipper bag in the use of candy and other leisure food continues to heat up, and want to have a "high fever" posture. As early as a century ago, Zipper Bags Hershey took the lead in its best kiss. The concept of early adopters is presented, and its reusable bag is "a modern way of fulfilling the desire to control the amount of weight". "The reusable bag also offers a shared, small weight and portability." These are big trends for consumers today.

1. The original zipper belt itself has a small agreement strength.

2. The hot cover on the side of the open side/inner pocket of the zipper belt is reversed.

3. The temperature of the zipper heat seal is set too high,Zipper Bags so the anastomosis is deformed, especially the concave part is opened.

4. At the zipper plate, the film flow and the angle of the zipper plate are biased, and the edge of the zipper plate is rubbed to the anastomosis.

5. The top cooling plate is too wide to be pressed into the anastomosis part.

6. The lower and lower clearance of the rubber roll is too small, Zipper Bags and the zipper anastomosis is pressed too tightly.

1. When the block heat seal is strengthened, the hot sealing plate does not press the film enough.

2. The Platens silicone rubber (especially the upper side) appears concave or uneven surface.

3. The hot sealing board and the silicon rubber on the platform use the coarse-grain teflon cloth, the air is absorbed into the grain.

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