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Zipper Bag With Moisture And Oxygen Characteristics
Jul 03, 2017

In the processing of zipper bags often encounter the following four types of problems:

1, zipper and bag body sealed parts are not flat;

2, zipper and bag body parts of the phenomenon of partial delamination;

3, the two ends of the zipper and the side of the bag and the intersection of the site of the "dead fold";

4, the two ends of the zipper and the side of the bag and the edge of the intersection of local delamination phenomenon.

The reasons for the above four types of problems are:

1, the thermal shrinkage of the zipper itself is greater than the heat shrinkage of the composite film;

2, the melting point of the zipper itself is greater than or equal to the melting point of the heat seal film;

3, zipper on the child buckle cross section is too large;

4, zipper bag bag machine on the local heat sealing bar design is unreasonable, Zipper Bags it is recommended to use ultrasonic heat sealing device;

5, local heat sealing head design unreasonable (too small);

6, ultrasonic heat sealing device output power shortage or lack of pressure;

7, ink layer heat resistance is insufficient;

8, the hardness of silicone rubber pad is not appropriate.

Zipper bags are generally composite flexible packaging, made of polypropylene OPP, polyester PET, nylon, matte film, aluminum foil, cast polypropylene, polyethylene, kraft paper and even woven bags and other materials. Is a set of various packaging advantages in a packaging products, low cost, beautifully printed. The product has anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, moisture-proof oxygen shading, cold and oil resistant to high temperature, Zipper Bags fresh oxygen barrier and other characteristics.

Zipper bags widely used, can be used in industrial packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, medicine, health, electronics, aerospace, science and technology, military and other fields.

The type of zipper bag

Self-styled bags that can not use any tools to automatically seal the bag, a common folder Zengzao Zifeng Dai, stickers and other self-adhesive bags.

Ziplock bags, Reclosable Bag, Zipper Closure Bag, Resealable Bag), Polyethylene (LDPE) and high pressure wire (LDPE) Polyethylene (LLDPE) A blown film can be used to form a plastic bag that can be re-sealed. Common materials are PE, EVA, PET, composite bags and so on.

Self-adhesive self-styled bag type is more, using a single film cross-cut back, both sides of the heat seal, and then the side of the bag closed beta paste, common materials are: OPP stickers, Zipper Bags courier bags Squeeze film), PP, PVC and so on.

Zipper bag making material

1, polyethylene (PE) polyethylene is a high molecular polymer of ethylene, is a thermoplastic, polyethylene is a creamy waxy solid, lighter than water, soft, good water resistance, low temperature, tasteless, no Poison, according to its density. Can be divided into high density, medium density, low density polyethylene, and linear low density polyethylene.

2, polypropylene (PP) polypropylene is a by-product of petroleum refining, is the smallest known plastic; non-toxic, tasteless, high transparency, mechanical properties, surface strength, anti-friction, chemical resistance, Moisture resistance is very good; at room temperature above the impact value is large, polypropylene raw materials from a wide range of sources, cheap, wide performance adaptability. Widely used in the food industry, Zipper Bags and more for the manufacture of film, composite film, a good transparency and surface gloss, resistance to 120 degrees of temperature; can be made into a box, blow molding into plastic bottles, add some filler can be made Some machine parts and so on.

3, polystyrene (PS) polystyrene is a colorless, transparent, non-ductile thermoplastic; non-toxic, odorless, odorless, good coloring, moisture permeability is greater than polyethylene, moisture is very low, size Stable, with good gloss; good processing performance, low cost; mechanical properties increased with the increase in molecular weight; low temperature, can withstand -40 ℃ low temperature; a good indoor aging resistance; alcohol organic solvents, mineral oil There is a good tolerance, acid, alkali performance is also very good. Zipper Bags Polystyrene due to superior performance, low price, widely used, can be made of thin film, containers, widely used in the food industry; shrinkage of up to 60 to 70, is the production of shrink packaging good material.

The above is a brief introduction to the zipper bag, different products by their own inherent characteristics, we choose the packaging should be based on the characteristics of the product to choose, the only way to greatly cost savings.

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