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Vacuum Bag Has Good Antistatic Property
Oct 25, 2017

Vacuum bag is called decompression vacuum packaging, is based on the principle of atmospheric pressure, the main role of the vacuum bag is oxygen to help prevent spoilage or spoilage of food. Vacuum packaging is a food-packed bag and oxygen is removed by pumping in cells, Vacuum Bags so in the "living environment" of the loss of microbial processes. Vacuum food can prevent oxidation, food is not good to eat, metamorphism to reduce the loss of vitamins A and C.

Vacuum bags can play an important role in reducing the risk of safe transport. Bags can also avoid food to other goods. It is possible to reduce food packaging to steal food. Some food packaging is powerful, has the security mark, the function is protects the enterprise's profit loss. Package can have laser marking, special color, Vacuum Bags message authentication label. Other retailers to prevent theft, in the electronic surveillance label of food packaging bags, such as consumer shopping exports degaussing. At present, China's food quality and food safety market access system for the implementation of 28 types of food three batches.

Thus, the vacuum bag has a good anti-static, electrostatic shielding performance, the appearance of silver gray, translucent, can be perspective of the packaging. Can make flat pockets, zipper bags, organ bags, three-dimensional bags and other forms. Vacuum bags are widely used in computer motherboards, sound cards, Vacuum Bags graphics cards and other electrostatic sensitive electronic products packaging.

can also prevent the oxidation of food, such as some lipids, to prevent its rancid, Vacuum Bags as well as vitamins such as, easy to change color, with a vacuum bag, can effectively maintain the color aroma of food.

Vacuum bag high barrier, with the effect of preventing water oxygen, the internal itself blocked these, coupled with this point, with double protection, and stable performance, Vacuum Bags withstand low temperature refrigeration, can endure the invasion of oil.

Some vacuum bags and moisture-proof function, of course, Vacuum Bags there are no lack of heat-resistant, coupled with the traditional sterilization method, then food can be better preserved.

Vacuum bags also have the effect of preservation, supermarkets are often used to pack vegetables and fruit.

The use of vacuum bags is very convenient, Vacuum Bags greatly facilitate people's lives.

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