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The Sealing Effect Of Zipper Bag Is Good
Sep 08, 2017

Around the world, zipper bag packaging is widely used in major industries in the packaging field, has become the world market today, one of the most popular form of packaging. Zipper Bag general shape is larger, materials used woven bags, transparent PE or OPP plastic film manufacturing, zipper for ordinary plastic zipper, generally used for packaging relatively large-scale goods, such as: quilt packaging, large-scale simple luggage bags.

Zipper bags have become widely used in our lives, his use is not limited to the traditional use, in the universality, Zipper Bags convenience has been recognized and used by the vast number of consumers, the use rate greatly improved, now zipper bag to come and everyone summed up the zipper bag some use tips, sir, please listen to:

First, usually should be careful not to let sharp items scrape the zipper bag. If you need to put a sharp item in a zipper bag, you need to wrap it up or fold the sharp items into the bag.

Second, if you need to put some of the larger items in the zipper bag, Zipper Bags you should first determine whether you can put, too large items should not be forced into the bag to avoid damage.

Third, in the use of zipper bag, should ensure that zipper bag zipper part is clean and clean, if you enter the dust or fiber and so on, the bag will affect the sealing performance, you can wipe it clean before closing the zipper,

Four, if the zipper part is not pulled well, Zipper Bags can be pulled back and forth several times to ensure the sealing effect.

High-quality zipper bag using advanced rolling equipment calendering film into bags. Zipper Bag is superior in dispersion and strong in tinting strength. Antioxidant performance than the general plastic, the seasonal can not be significantly different, waterproof breathable. Zipper bag Toughness is good, Zipper Bags soft with a silky matte texture, not explosive edge; Bag opening and closing place hand pinch type clavicle, easy to operate, and can be used repeatedly, fast saving time environmental protection.

Zipper bag, a kind of plastic bag, is also the most popular among the major businesses. It is divided into ordinary zipper bag, invisible zipper bag and document zipper bag.

General zipper bag general shape, material used woven bag, transparent PE or OPP plastic film manufacturing, zipper for ordinary plastic zipper, generally used for packaging relatively large-scale goods, such as: Quilt outside packaging, large-scale simple luggage bags. Stealth Zipper bag Stealth zipper bag is also called bone zipper bag, generally composite soft packaging, by polypropylene opp, polyester pet, nylon, matte film, Zipper Bags aluminum foil, polypropylene, polyethylene, Kraft paper and even woven bags and other materials. Apply to industrial packaging, daily packaging, food packaging, medicine, health, electronics, aerospace, science and technology, military and other fields. File Zipper bag can be loaded with more documents, pens and small items. Choose the unique cold-resistant PVC double-layer material, the material flexibility is good. Moistureproof waterproof, suitable for study, living home travel use.

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