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The Food Foil Bag Is Good To Avoid Light
Oct 27, 2017

Food foil bag in the aluminum foil material barrier is the best in food packaging, aluminum foil is a high-grade printing and packaging materials, in the packaging application is mainly used in some high-end food packaging such as chocolate packaging, tea packaging.

In the aspect of appearance: the food foil bag has the metallic luster, avoids the light good, has the high reflection ability to the heat and light, Food Aluminum Foil Bags the metal luster and the reflective ability can enhance the printing color one brightness;

In the use of performance aspects: good isolation, strong protection, Food Aluminum Foil Bags not through gas and water vapor, to prevent the absorption of moisture, gasification, not susceptible to bacteria and insects.

Aluminum foil is easy to process, can be printed, color difference, embossing, surface coating, on the glue on lacquer, but can not be affected by force, no sealing alkaline, pinhole and wrinkle and other phenomena, so generally not used alone, usually with paper, plastic film processing into composite materials, overcome the shortcomings of the sealing alkaline, isolation and other advantages of the full play, So food foil bags in life more and more in the packaging industry attention.

Food Foil bag Characteristics: PE printing effect is good. A L-Barrier strong, opaque, PE ordinary packaging inner layer, CPP high-temperature cooking inner layer. Glue: Water soluble glue (more sanitary, environmental protection, no solvent residue) aluminum foil bag has a good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, Food Aluminum Foil Bags electromagnetic interference and electrostatic shielding function, high mechanical strength, good thermal seal.

Food foil bag first of all to consider is the barrier properties of packaging materials because of good barrier, the shelf life of food can be extended, quality to better guarantee. At present, all food packaging materials, food foil bag is the best barrier (followed by some polymer plastic, such as Evoh, PVDC, etc. so the most common is always in two layers of plastic film in the middle of a composite of aluminum foil, improve barrier, aluminum foil bags generally divided into pure aluminum bag and aluminum bag, usually by aluminum foil and special materials. Aluminum foil bag mechanical strength, with good anti-static, oxidation, moisture and electrostatic shielding performance, Food Aluminum Foil Bags excellent thermal seal, environmental performance can meet international standards. General thickness of aluminum foil bag: 80μm, 140μm, Surface resistance: 108-10ω, Surface color: silvery white. Faraday electric cage structure, shielding barrier average up to 60db, static protection function is powerful, the inner layer is pure metal aluminum composition, the resistivity is lower than 0.1 ohms, Food Aluminum Foil Bags has the good water isolation, the oxygen-isolating, the light, the vacuum function, the anti-static function is outstanding, the static electric field slowly safe release, the aluminum foil bag widely applies in the electronic components, the electrical appliances, Cosmetics and other industries.

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