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The Food Aluminum Foil Bag Guarantees The Fragrance Of The Meat
Jun 19, 2017

Food aluminum foil bags in the meat transport in the important role

In the south want to eat Texas braised chicken; in Texas want to eat Nanjing sauce board duck; go out to eat her mother's home cooking; in the past, this is a dream, the road is far away, transport is not convenient, making this want food Can not share. And now the continuous social, cooked food products are no longer a dream, Food Aluminum Foil Bags as long as you want to eat, no you can not achieve.

The cooked food products in the transport, food aluminum foil bags play an important role. Such as fresh chicken and duck after slaughter, sealed by aluminum foil packaging, coupled with the most efficient way of transport, you can immediately eat fresh chicken and duck; such as cooked food products processed by vacuum aluminum foil sealed packaging, to each The hands of a consumer. In short, food aluminum foil bags in the cooked meat products played an important role.

Protection, through the food foil bags for packaging, on the one hand can extend the shelf life; the other hand, Food Aluminum Foil Bags also ensure that the transport process to prevent pollution.

Fragrance function, through the food aluminum foil bags for packaging to ensure that the original flavor of meat products, the original flavor, taste endless.

Vacuum effect, food aluminum foil bags can be achieved with empty packaging, so that no oxidation of meat products to survive, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, effectively locked the original flavor of meat products.

Food foil bags in the daily life of the role can not be ignored, Food Aluminum Foil Bags with your good life is closely related.

Food aluminum foil bags using heat sealing method is two layers of aluminum foil fusion method has been straightforward, this fusion is to make two layers of aluminum foil into a layer, there will be no cracking or fracture and other issues, while there will be no leakage , Thus achieving the sealing requirements. Food packaging bags are made by the functional requirements of the manufacturing process requirements, so that the packaging to achieve a certain effect.

Aluminum foil bags have a lot of specifications, not only the size of different, Food Aluminum Foil Bags its thickness is not the same, it also makes it a packaging requirements of a standard.

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