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The Characteristics Of The Vacuum Bag
Jun 19, 2017

Vacuum bags, to meet the needs of people living in the packaging, Baoding Huayang conform to the development of packaging market, to create quality and cheap vacuum bag. Vacuum bag: its material is generally NY (PA) / CPE or PET / NY (PA) /. This product has anti-static function, good vacuum effect, high transparency, through (oxygen) low gas rate, good moisture resistance, high tensile strength and puncture resistance, easy heat sealing, good sealing, easy aging and so on. Mainly used for hardware, electronic components, there is a need to vacuum packaging requirements. Size, specifications, Vacuum Bags high temperature and so can be customized according to requirements.

Now people's living standards continue to improve, people for the quality of life requirements have become higher, which also makes the use of vacuum bags become more extensive, but how to protect the vacuum bag to make it longer How should we choose a vacuum bag?

As the vacuum bags are affected by the temperature, so keep in mind that they should not be placed in the sun can be directly to the place, because the strong ultraviolet radiation will accelerate the vacuum bag aging.

Vacuum bags must try to avoid the storm and the storm, so as to be able to prevent vacuum bag shrinkage and reduce short life.

Remember not to put the vacuum bag in the wet, Vacuum Bags air is not the place of circulation, it is easy to make the bag rot, and thus affect its use.

For some long vacuum bags have not used, be sure to carefully check whether they have cracks, and then start using.

Vacuum bag precautions

1. Pump pump good or bad test: the pump on the tight face of their own, and then pumping, Vacuum Bags if the suction that the pump is good.

2. After the evacuation of the bag if the phenomenon of bubbling, in addition to sealing lax, on the one hand, the quilt in the bag and other things will be deflated, will reduce the vacuum; the other hand, from a physical point of view, And then the material is also a gap, due to the role of negative pressure, with the passage of time the air molecules will be "squeezed into" bags, Vacuum Bags the vacuum effect will be gradually reduced.

3. Leather, down products can be put into this product, but not completely compressed.

4. Clothing should be stored in the collection bag before the bag or bag should be removed, otherwise it will affect the compression effect.

5. Please put the bag into the bag. Do not need to use insect repellent, preservatives, etc., otherwise it will cause the acquisition of items discoloration, deterioration and so on.

6. The bag has a crack or broken a small mouth can be used on both sides of the ordinary wide-sided transparent tape sticky, fit together on it.

7. to prevent the bag there is too much water and gas left, Vacuum Bags if a local temperature is relatively low, it will condense into water droplets.

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