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The Airbag Cushion Bag Plays A Very Strong Protective Role
Oct 25, 2017

The air pillar cushion bag is an indispensable part in the transportation process of electronic products, household appliances, instrumentation, Air Column Cushion Bags glass ceramics and other perishable items, which plays an important role in the safety of product transportation.

Air column Cushion Bag Packaging Advantages:

1, high-quality Pe+pa, such as seven-layer coextrusion film, rugged, high gas tightness. Protective energy is more secure.

2, the basic material by SGS testing does not contain any heavy metals, combustion non-toxic, Air Column Cushion Bags in line with the air, moisture and environmental characteristics.

3, the Air column cushion bag itself uses the inert gas as the material, the product intimate shape, therefore itself has the following advantages:

(1) Low cost

(2) Province space

(3) Recyclable

(4) Reduce the packaging process, save manpower

(5) Pollution-free

(6) At the same time can provide long time storage and transportation without leakage of seismic protection

Air column Cushion bag characteristics:

1, material non-toxic, recyclable, no environmental issues.

2, the production process all by computer tailor-made, Air Column Cushion Bags do not need to make molds, the delivery of fast low-cost.

3, simple packaging, improve protection, save freight, reduce storage.

4, enhance product packaging appearance, improve product grade.

Inflatable bag: Cushion cushion Type Packing. The air cushion can withstand the weight of about 200kg/m^2. The Gas packing bag passes ISO 140001 standard, conforms to the RoHS specification. The use of physical principles, the use of natural air, an inflatable, full platoon full, automatic lock gas, Air Column Cushion Bags forming a diving cabin, providing long time storage and transportation of the earthquake protection, Air Column Cushion Bags gas column type comprehensive package of cushioning protection, to minimize the damage rate.

Air column cushion bag is widely used, which can directly replace the foam, EPE, bubble film and other protective products. Widely used: Glass products, ceramic products, lcd, Air Column Cushion Bags monitoring equipment, LCD screen, electronic products, jade products, valuables and other fragile items in the packaging and transportation process, play a super protective role!

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