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Stand Up Pouch
Feb 09, 2018

Stand Up Pouch began to be more frequently used in food packaging, beverages, cosmetics packaging and daily necessities packaging. Why we choose Stand up pouch?

  1. Convenient to open

  2. Cheaper

  3. Can be repeatedly used

  4. Can be resealed with the zip lock to maintain freshness

  5. Space saving

  6. Wide application range

Sunkey owns a wide variety of state-of-the-the-art pouching machinery (Zip lock pouch, spouted pouch, shaped pouch, 3-side seal pouch, stand-up bottom gusset pouch). We also provide customized materials and pouches based on your specific needs. With our printing press (up to 12 colors), we make sure your products are manufactured to the highest-quality standard!

With our specialised Retort cooking stand up pouch (heat resistance up to 121 degree celsius), meals can be prepared on-the-go or camping outdoors. This is especially useful and convenient during the winter season.


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