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Stand Up Bag Introduction
Mar 15, 2017

1. General stand up bag: and the General form of stand-up pouches, using four-edge forms, cannot be closed again and repeat the opening, the bag should be used in the industrial goods industry in General.

2. nozzle stand up bag: bag with nozzle more convenient dumping or absorb the contents and can be resealed and the repeated opening can be considered is a combination of stand-up pouches with ordinary bottle.

3. pull bag: zippered bag can also be closed again and repeat the opening, due to the zipper, strength is not closed and closed is limited, so this form does not apply to package liquids and volatile substances.

4. mouth-like stand up bag: mouth of bag combined with a nozzle-like bag cheap with the common bag, that is by the shape of the bag itself realize the function of the nozzle.

5. Special bag: according to packaging needs, based on the traditional bag of various shapes of stand-up pouches generated by changes, such as the waist, bottom design, handle design, is currently standing pouch value-added development of main directions.

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