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Industrial Aluminum Foil Bag With Multi-layer Production
Jun 05, 2017

Industrial aluminum foil bags are made of a variety of plastic film, such as heat sealing PE film, CPP, BOPP, etc. after the formation of bags made by bag making machine, usually used for food packaging, industrial products, pharmaceuticals and so on. Industrial aluminum foil bags are usually referred to as vacuum packaging industrial aluminum foil bags, suitable for large machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, industrial production, etc., Industrial Aluminum Foil Bags can be made into different specifications, the style of the bag.

Industrial aluminum foil bag Introduction Industrial aluminum foil bag is made of pure aluminum sheet, the thinnest thickness can reach 0.0065mm, after more than one layer of plastic film composite, you can improve the plastic barrier, sealing, , Shielding and so on. Our common industrial aluminum foil bags are usually glossy because they are coated with a layer of high purity aluminum on their surfaces to prevent it from absorbing light and use multiple layers.

Therefore, the industrial aluminum foil bag also has a good shading, because the poor oxidation of aluminum, but also has a good isolation, there is a certain degree of softness, easy processing, often in the industrial aluminum foil bag printing, embossing, Glue and so on, Industrial Aluminum Foil Bags and the isolation of air and moisture performance is particularly good, so you can prevent the contents of moisture absorption, gasification. And is not affected by bacteria and insects, shape and stability, and is not affected by changes in humidity.

Mechanical properties, and can meet the requirements of the use of automatic packaging machinery, but its softness is not enough, tear strength is low, easy to break at the fold, but easy to process, and other plastic film composite processing; ② light weight, Transportation costs; ③ no thermal adhesion, acid and alkali, easy to curl; ④ with metallic luster, shading performance, the light has a stronger ability to reflect, Industrial Aluminum Foil Bags reflectivity can reach more than 95%; ⑤ good barrier, so Easy to be corrosion, moisture and water, air tightness strong; ⑥ high temperature and low temperature when the shape is stable, easy to telescopic deformation.

The material of the industrial aluminum foil bag is generally divided into PET / AL / CPE / or PET / AL / NY (PA) / CPE (polyester / aluminum film / polyethylene film or polyester / aluminum film, the third layer is polyethylene, For the anti-static, sealed, vacuum packaging, etc. This material made of industrial aluminum foil bags usually have uniform performance and stability, the outermost polyester can usually prevent the collision, the middle layer of conductive metal layer can let the heat transfer fast The outermost layer can make industrial aluminum foil bags from temperature changes, stable shape; industrial aluminum foil bags to facilitate the emergence of our life in the packaging, hope that through this article to help you!

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