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Identify Aluminum Foil Bag
Mar 15, 2017

1. bag materials: at the time of purchase to be able to smell the odor, if smelly bag material, does not meet health standards; the second is that it may affect the normal operation of bag, whereas if there is no smell, you can check the bags of transparency, clarity is not uniform and is not mixed textures and so on.

2. stronger than the bag: bag of strong first two fit sturdy strong and hot air, bag selection is not so strong is not the same as, the distinction between primary means at the tear at the edges of the bag, well if it's hard to tear sealing strong, but is not very good.

3. appearance of structured degrees: to first check bag of is degrees, is to people wrinkle wrinkle of feel, usually flat degrees more high more good, but for selection of not as needs out, analogy nylon and high pressure film composite made of bag, in bag of hot seal at on will has wave shaped; also needs survey bag of cut side is structured, more structured more good.

4. print quality: we need the print quality of the bag see picture of spirit level the higher the better, two colors of stitching are there significant third color, if it means printing demand specification, see drawing, fog, block, stencil and other appearances.

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