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High Air Tightness Of Air Column Cushion Bag
Sep 19, 2017

Air Column Cushion Bag is an innovative and simple transportation protection tool, consisting of PE and nylon, air column inflatable bag can wrap the products. After inflating the inflatable bag, each column is isolated by the pressure difference, like a ball, and the gas is not released after it is inflated. Because of this pressure difference principle, the airbag has achieved the self-locking effect. Air Column Cushion Bags Each cylinder in accordance with the set pressure injected into the air, air pressure and buffering capacity is excellent, so effectively prevent the truck, boxing or rail transport in the collision of goods, but also the cargo transport Central Plains wood or Styrofoam new environmentally friendly alternative products.

Air column Cushion bag Features:

Volume: The province space, before filling completely flat, Air Column Cushion Bags occupies very little place.

Warehousing: Does not occupy the space.

Moisture Resistance: moistureproof, waterproof.

Buffering: The product is completely covered and the cushioning is excellent.

Environmental protection: Small size, Air Column Cushion Bags material PA Environmental protection materials, can 100% recycled recycling.

Image: Beautiful appearance, improve product grade and company image.

User use:

Simple packaging operation, fast delivery, flexible use, convenient inventory management, Air Column Cushion Bags reduce the packaging process, save manpower.

Film making: Fast film making, low cost.

Cleanliness: dust-free, non-toxic, non-polluting.

Protection: High quality PE+PA film, rugged, high gas tightness, Air Column Cushion Bags but also provide long time storage and transportation without leakage of seismic protection.

Air column cushion bag is mainly used for: electronic products such as VCD, DVD, mobile DVD, PDA, camera, digital camera, notebook computer, mobile phone, lcd, lcd, TV ... Precision electronic equipment, all kinds of fragile products, Air Column Cushion Bags such as a variety of product packaging or transport packaging.

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