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Good Thermal Sealing Of Aluminum Foil Bag
Jul 26, 2017

Aluminum Foil bag Features:

(1) Barrier air performance, oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof.

(2) Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance and strong puncture and tear resistance.

(3) High temperature (121 ℃), low temperature ( -50℃), oil resistance, good performance.

(4) Non-toxic tasteless, in line with food, Aluminum Foil Bags drug packaging hygiene standards.

(5) Good thermal seal performance, softness, high barrier performance.

Aluminum Foil Bag Advantages:

1. Shell maintenance: The shell can make food and oxygen, water vapor, stains and so on, leakage prevention is also the demand of packaging design elements. Some packages contain a dry or deoxidation agent to extend the shelf life. Vacuum packaging or pumping air into the bag is also the primary food packaging method. Aluminum Foil Bags The preservation of food in the shelf life of the clean, novelty and peace is the primary function of packaging bags.

2. Physical maintenance: Storage in the packaging bag of food needs to prevent extrusion, impact, vibration, temperature difference and other images.

3. Packaging or loading the same packaging: the same variety of small items into a package is a good way to throttle volume. Powder and granular objects need to be encapsulated.

4. Conveying information: packaging and labeling inform people how to use, transport, accept takeover or disposal.

5. Security: Packaging can be used to reduce the risk of transport safety to carry out the main effect. Bags can also prevent food from returning to other products. Aluminum Foil Bags Food packaging can also reduce food can be eaten. Some food packaging is strong and has a security logo, the effect is to maintain the benefits of the business to avoid damage. The packaging bag can have laser logo, special color, SMS certification and other labels. Other retailers for the prevention of theft, food bags affixed with electronic surveillance labels, Aluminum Foil Bags such as consumer access to the store's exports for degaussing.

6. Marketing: Marketing often use box tags to encourage potential buyers to buy goods. Packaging design has been an insignificant and sometimes changing scene for decades. Marketing communication and graphic design are used in external packaging boxes and (for some reasons) the highlights of the sales presentation.

7. Bento: Packaging can be easy to purchase, loading and unloading, stacking, showing, selling, opening, reloading, application and reuse.

Aluminum Foil bag Products According to Faraday is designed and manufactured, using three/four layer structure (/aluminum foil/nylon/pe), with good waterproof, moisture, anti-static, electromagnetic interference and electrostatic shielding functions, high mechanical strength, good thermal seal. Especially suitable for electrostatic sensitive and moisture-proof requirements of the packaging of electronic components, precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, food, pharmaceuticals, photoelectric, course boards, Aluminum Foil Bags electronic components of the vacuum packaging. And according to customer requirements to print a variety of exquisite patterns and logos (up to 9 colors).

Aluminium foil bag is made into aluminum foil bag products According to the characteristic of aluminum and other high barrier material after dry composite. Aluminum has a light luster, strong reverse ability, good barrier, not through gas and water vapor, temperature adaptability, high temperature or low temperature shape stability, strong shading, good quality of incense, so aluminum foil bag has a good resistance to dampness, barrier, light, permeability and appearance of the function of beauty, water vapor transmittance can reach p. $number g (m2·24h), also has the heat seal function, may carry on the vacuum packing.

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