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Gas Column Buffer Bag Can Be 100% Recycled Recycling
Oct 27, 2017

The Pillow Cushion Bag is an innovative and simple transport protection tool that is made of PE and nylon, and the air column inflatable bag can be wrapped around the product. After inflating the inflatable bag, each air column is individually blocked by the pressure difference, just like the ball, Air Column Cushion Bags the gas will not be released after inflation. It is precisely because of the principle of poor pressure, inflatable bags to achieve the effect of self-locking. Each air column in accordance with the set pressure into the air, air compression capacity and buffer capacity is quite good, so effectively prevent the truck, packing or rail transport of goods collide with each other, Air Column Cushion Bags it is the transport of goods in the original timber or hair A new environmentally friendly alternative to foam.

Gas column buffer bag Features:

Volume: space, not fully inflated before the formation, Air Column Cushion Bags take up very little place.

Warehouse: no space.

Moisture resistance: moisture, water.

Buffering: the product is completely covered, excellent buffer.

Environmental protection: small size, material PA environmentally friendly materials, Air Column Cushion Bags 100% renewable recycling recycling.

Image: beautiful appearance, enhance product quality and corporate image.

User use:

Packaging operation is simple, the use of fast delivery, the use of flexible, Air Column Cushion Bags easy inventory management, reduce the packaging process, saving manpower.

Film: film fast, low cost.

Cleanliness: clean, non-toxic, non-polluting.

Protection: high-quality PE + PA film, durable, high air tightness, but also provide long-term storage and transportation without leakage of seismic protection.

Gas column buffer bag is an indispensable part of the transportation process of various fragile items such as electronic products, household appliances, instrumentation, glass ceramics and so on, which plays an important role in the transportation of products.Currently, the commonly used air column buffer bag The main materials are foam plastic, cardboard, etc. Air Column Cushion Bags With the rise of green packaging and the "plastic limit" the implementation of foam plastic because of the natural decomposition and combustion can not be toxic and other disadvantages, as a huge obstacle to achieve green packaging. Although it is more advantageous than the post-processing of foamed plastics, it is necessary to consume a lot of resources in the early stage, Air Column Cushion Bags and it is also contaminated in the production process, and it needs to be folded many times as a buffer structure, which will cause human resources Waste, is not conducive to the promotion of intelligent manufacturing in the packaging industry.

The air column buffer bag is a new type of packaging system filled with natural air in the 21st century. Fully covered by the air column buffer protection, the product transport loss rate to a minimum. In the case of

 Gas column buffer bag Packing advantages:

1, high-quality PE + PA and other seven co-extruded film, durable, high air tightness. Protection is more secure.

2, the basic material by the SGS detection does not contain any heavy metals, Air Column Cushion Bags combustion non-toxic, in line with airtight, moisture and environmental characteristics, Air Column Cushion Bags the Department of this century instead of Pauli Long, EPE, pulp the best choice.

3, air column buffer bag itself using inert gas as the material, the product close to shape, so itself has the following advantages:

(1) low cost

(2) save space

(3) recyclable

(4) to reduce the packaging process, saving manpower

(5) non-polluting

(6) At the same time can provide long-term storage and transportation without leakage of seismic protection

Gas column buffer bag Features:

1, material non-toxic, recyclable, no environmental issues.

2, the production process all tailored to the computer, Air Column Cushion Bags without the production of mold, fast delivery of low cost. In the case of

3, simple packaging, improve protection, save freight, reduce warehousing.

4, to enhance the appearance of product packaging image, improve product quality.

Pillow Cushion Bag: Cushion Cushion Pack. The air cushion can withstand a weight of about 200 kg / M ^ 2. The gas bag is ISO 140001 compliant and conforms to the ROHS specification. The use of physical principles, the use of natural air, an inflatable, full row full, automatic lock gas, the formation of submarine, Air Column Cushion Bags to provide long-term storage and transportation of airtight shock protection, Air Column Cushion Bags air column full coverage of the buffer protection, damage rate To the lowest.

Gas column bags widely used, can now directly replace the styrofoam, Zhenzhu Mian, bubble film and other protective products. Widely used: glass products, ceramic products, LCD, monitoring equipment, LCD screen, electronic products, jade products, valuables and other fragile items in the packaging and transportation process, plays a super protection!

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