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Future Direction Of The Food Packaging
Mar 15, 2017

Food packaging film packaging equipment is often used, although the food safety regulations become more stringent, but that doesn't stop people's determination to expand its development.

Multi-layer coextrusion technology development has changed the function of film and the product structure of the container, with the environmentally-friendly growing, on the premise of meeting the basic function, to try to reduce the amount of waste produced, co-extruded packaging films, its equipment investment, low production costs and strong adaptability, ease of operation, environmental pollution is not a problem.

Therefore, the co-extrusion technology developed rapidly, data show that the developed co-extrusion packing film 40% per cent of all plastic packaging films, and only around 6%, ratio is obviously unreasonable, the development of co-extruded packaging films, also will change the product structure of multifunctional thin film, it applies to beverages, milk, meat and other food packaging.

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