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Food Packaging Production Requirements
Mar 15, 2017

1. food packaging production enterprises should be required to use in accordance with the national standard of packaging films, such as composite materials to use environment-friendly bag, do not use harmful substances such as benzene dry laminating of plastic packaging, due to its solvent permeability contaminated food.

2. food bags to smooth, no scratches, Burns, bubbling and creasing, no deficiency, and demand is not only beauty, but also relates to the quality of food, if the bags seal is not formed, for high temperature cooking or freezing of food packaging are prone to cracking.

3. printing to use Green materials, QS standards require food packaging materials can't be detected benzene solvent for harm to human health, but due to the solvent such as benzene than eco-friendly non-benzene, ketone solvent-free 30% about lower prices, and better brightness, color fastness, so many bags used in the printing of such material, often there was a contamination problem.

4. making bags of food packaging production and environmental standards, avoid contaminated food bags in bag.

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