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Food Foil Bags Guarantee The Taste Of Food Fresh
Aug 17, 2017

Food Foil bag Characteristics: PE printing effect is good. A L-Barrier strong, opaque, PE ordinary packaging inner layer, CPP high-temperature cooking inner layer. Glue: Water soluble glue (more sanitary, environmental protection, no solvent residue) food foil bag has a good waterproof, moisture, anti-static, electromagnetic interference and electrostatic shielding function, Food Aluminum Foil Bags high mechanical strength, good thermal seal.

Food foil bag is a kind of vacuum packaging, but this bag is characterized by no additions, that is, the bag is transparent and pure packaging film, Food Aluminum Foil Bags neither containing aluminum and pigment and pigment, is made from polyethylene raw materials directly made from the packaging bag.

Food foil bags in the packaging out of the air, can be very good to preserve the food, can ensure that the taste of food fresh and pure taste, and this kind of packaging bag is transparent bag, only more transparent and clean than transparent bags, food from it to save is not easy to spoil. People in their careers will often apply to medicine plastic packaging bags, however, some plastic bags poisonous, Food Aluminum Foil Bags no can be used to install drugs, the use of the cent is not prudent.

Food foil bags are usually composite aluminum foil bags, used in food packaging, commonly used for packaging meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, preserved meats, roast duck, roast chicken, roasted pig, frozen food, ham, bacon products, sausage, cooked meat, pickles, red bean paste, spices and other Paushan, durability, taste, protect color.

Food foil bags in the food is an important role. But it has a remarkable effect on the processing of clothing items. Packaging food foil bag is based on aluminum unique properties of aluminum and other high barrier material after dry-type composite made into aluminum foil bag products, aluminum foil bag has a good resistance to moisture, blocking, light, permeability and appearance of beautiful functions, Food Aluminum Foil Bags water vapor transmittance is high, but also with heat sealing function, can be vacuum packaging.

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