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Food Foil Bag With Metallic Luster
Aug 29, 2017

Food Foil bag Characteristics: PE printing effect is good. A L-Barrier strong, opaque, PE ordinary packaging inner layer, CPP high-temperature cooking inner layer. Glue: Water soluble glue (more sanitary, environmental protection, no solvent residue) aluminum foil bag has a good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, Food Aluminum Foil Bags electromagnetic interference and electrostatic shielding function, high mechanical strength, good thermal seal.

Nowadays, most of the products of many enterprises are packaged in aluminum foil bags, especially food manufacturers, more commonly used in aluminum foil bags. Thus, food foil bags in the market position has been quite mature unshakable. Food Aluminum Foil Bags It is well known that this product is a high-end packaging bag, whether the appearance or design is quite a grade.

Food foil bags are widely used in the fields of food and medicine packaging, aluminum foil and plastic film compound food foil bag, effective use of high-temperature cooking and complete shading characteristics, Food Aluminum Foil Bags made into a cooking bag, can be packaged cooked food, multi-layer composite film is also used in biscuits, snacks, beverages and other small food packaging.

The food foil bag has the metallic luster, avoids the light good, has the high reflection ability to the heat and light, Food Aluminum Foil Bags metal luster and reflective ability can improve the brightness of printing color, good isolation, strong protection, not through gas and water vapor, to prevent the internal loading of moisture, gasification, not easy to be affected by bacteria and insects; shape stability is good, Food Aluminum Foil Bags not affected by humidity changes. Easy to process, can be printed on the food foil bag, color, embossing, surface coating, glue on the paint, such as composite food foil bag, also has the advantages of isolation.

Choose food foil bag packaging food safer and more hygienic, I believe that everyone after the above content analysis will be a deeper understanding of food foil bags.

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