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Food Foil Bag Has Good Waterproof Function
Jul 26, 2017

Food Foil bag Characteristics: PE printing effect is good. A l-barrier strong, opaque, PE ordinary packaging inner layer, CPP high-temperature cooking inner layer. Glue: Water soluble glue (more sanitary, environmental protection, no solvent residue) aluminum foil bag has a good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, electromagnetic interference and electrostatic shielding function, high mechanical strength, good thermal seal.

Food foil bags are made from a variety of materials, Food Aluminum Foil Bags many customers in the purchase of food aluminum foil bag when it is difficult to distinguish the quality of aluminum foil bags, so it is not good choice.

First, food aluminum foil bag materials:

When buying, you can first smell smell. The first does not meet the health standards, the second is that it may affect the normal use of bags. Conversely, if there is no odor, you can check the transparency of the bag, clarity is uniform, no miscellaneous texture and so on.

Second, the firm level of food foil bag:

The firmness of the food foil bag is mainly divided into two kinds of firmness and hot wind firmness. The food foil bag bag is different because of the material, so the firm level is different. The main distinguishing method is to aim at the edge of the bag by hand. Nylon and high-pressure membrane compound made of bags generally with the hand tear is very difficult to rip can be used to load more heavy products such as stone, large particles, Food Aluminum Foil Bags and so on, and OPP hot sealing film made of the bag is very good tearing, can only be fitted with some light products; after the bag was torn apart, to see the shape and structure of the section, if it is from the bag hot seal in the middle of the evenly torn, indicating that the bag is very poor, the production process easily broken bag, Food Aluminum Foil Bags if it is torn from the edge, indicating that the quality of heat seal is better; and the bag's composite firmness, The method is to look at the gap there are several layers of structure, and then with the hand to see if it can be separated, if not easy to separate, then the combination of strong degree of good, the other is poor;

Third, food foil bag appearance of uniformity:

Look at the stiffness of the bag first. The higher the general flatness, the better, but because of the different needs of the material, Food Aluminum Foil Bags such as nylon and high-pressure membrane compound made of bags, the hot seal of the bag will have a wavy shape; you also need to observe whether the trimming of the bag is neat, the more neat the better.

IV. Printing quality of food foil bag:

Need to print the quality of food foil bag to see the real picture of the realistic level of the higher the better. If there is a description of the printing requirements are not standard, see if there is wire drawing, fog version, plugging version, such as leakage printing phenomenon.

Most manufacturers now cut corners. The general distinction between the quality of the food foil bag is from the printing qualities, Food Aluminum Foil Bags the appearance of uniformity, bag materials, bag firmness to judge: many people in the purchase of food foil bags for the quality of the problem is very worried.

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