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Food Foil Bag Barrier Air Performance Strong
Nov 06, 2017

Food foil bag has good mechanical properties and can meet the requirements of automatic packaging machinery.

Food Foil bag (anti-static aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil packaging bag), the appearance of the product features: opaque, silver-white, there is an inverse gloss, with good barrier, heat sealing, shielding optical, high temperature, low temperature, oil resistance, incense-proof, non-toxic tasteless; Product structure: Pet/al/pet/pe. Can be customized according to the requirements of different composite materials and thickness of the product. Storage environment temperature ≤38℃, humidity ≤ 90%. Product Specifications: Thickness 0.10mm and 0.14mm, three-side sealing, Food Aluminum Foil Bags sealing edge 10mm, product specifications can be customized according to customer needs.

Food Foil Bag Application scope:

(1) applicable to a variety of circuit boards, electronic products, precision machinery parts, consumer goods, industrial products and other packaging. For example: PC board, Food Aluminum Foil Bags IC integrated circuit, electronic components, all kinds of LED industry SMT patches, light strip packaging, precision hardware, auto parts and other packaging.

(2) Food Packaging: rice, meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, cured meat, roast duck, roast chicken, roasted pig, frozen food, ham, bacon products, sausages, cooked meats, pickles, red bean paste, spices, such as Paushan, durability, taste, protect color.

Food Foil Bag Features:

(1) Food Aluminum Foil Bags Barrier air performance, oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof.

(2) Food Aluminum Foil Bags Strong mechanical properties, high blasting resistance, puncture and tear resistance.

(3) High temperature (121 ℃), low temperature ( -50℃), oil resistance, good performance.

(4) Non-toxic tasteless, in line with food, Food Aluminum Foil Bags drug packaging hygiene standards.

(5) Good thermal seal performance, softness, high barrier performance.

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