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Food Aluminum Foil Bags The Cost Of The Problem
Oct 27, 2017

Food aluminum foil bag material requirements are very serious, Food Aluminum Foil Bags requiring non-toxic, harmless, food-grade packaging materials, general polyethylene, aluminum foil bags and so on.

Second, the printing of aluminum foil bags of food requirements have a certain promotional effect, in our daily purchase of food, it is not difficult to find that its food foil bags are printed to the colorful pattern, less and less use of universal packaging bags Or no printed bags. Food Aluminum Foil Bags Printing some of the relevant content with the packaging and text, LOGO is also increasingly important. The consumption has to promote the role of consumption at the same time, but also improve the visibility of enterprises, Food Aluminum Foil Bags so that food can be traced back to the final production or sales, to consumers is also a guarantee role.

 The third need to consider the cost of food-grade raw materials. What we need to know is that since the end of 2016, the price of raw materials for packaging has risen badly. Food Aluminum Foil Bags All new and old customers need to raise their price by 30% on their previous offer. Recently there are many old customers to consult before the price can be traded, it is impossible.

First of all: design, through the relevant packaging designer equipment need to be related to the design draft. Food Aluminum Foil Bags A packaging printing is perfect, design draft plays a vital role.

Second, the production of copperplate. I have all the packaging products, are using copperplate printing, so the plate will be higher than the cost of other versions. In accordance with the design draft, the production of the corresponding copperplate, copper plate is a cylinder, Food Aluminum Foil Bags and is not a single set of a single, the specific size of the number of versions according to the previous step to determine the packaging design.

Third, printing, according to the copperplate, printing on the printing press the specific renderings, requiring no color, the production process, Food Aluminum Foil Bags I can invite customers to look at color.

Fourth, the combination of food aluminum foil bags, that is, multi-layer material bonded together, such as pa (nylon) / pe (enhanced), which is the first layer of nylon material is printed material, Food Aluminum Foil Bags pe (enhanced) is the second layer Material that is composite material, in some cases there will be third, fourth layer of material. Such as ordinary aluminum foil bags (opp light film / al aluminum foil / pe enhanced) need a third layer. Note: usually in the composite before the need for a step on the printing of the material before the inspection, Food Aluminum Foil Bags excluding the printing effect of poor material.

5, ripening, material composite, the need for a certain curing time, Food Aluminum Foil Bags in order to achieve the best results, to prevent delamination, separation and other issues.

Six, bag: the production of a good packaging film made of a separate packaging bags, also the final product. Now more and more customers have automatic packaging machine, Food Aluminum Foil Bags you do not need to fight bags, only need to wrap the film can be.

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