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Food Aluminum Foil Bags Sealing Method
Oct 26, 2017

Food is essential in our lives, and the variety of food is more and more, depending on the type of food to choose a different type of packaging, and packaging is also playing a very important role. Food Aluminum Foil Bags Food packaging bags can help food to extend the shelf life, and for some different materials to achieve the durability effect is not the same. Aluminum foil bags must meet a certain sealing requirements can be,Food Aluminum Foil Bags which also ensure that the aluminum foil bag sealing, to use more stringent sealing methods, such as heat sealing method.

Heat sealing method is a two-layer aluminum foil fusion method has been straightforward, this fusion is to make two layers of aluminum foil into a layer, there will be no cracking or fracture and other issues, while there will be no leakage problems, thus achieving the Sealed request. Food packaging bags are made by the functional requirements of the manufacturing process requirements, so that packaging to achieve a certain effect.

Aluminum foil bags have a lot of specifications, not only the size of different, its thickness is not the same, it also makes it a packaging requirements of a standard. Different product packaging, the thickness of the packaging bag is different, which is determined by the nature of the packaging of the product, for the vacuum requirements of the product, the thickness of the material used on the larger. For vacuum does not require the product, it is relatively thin.

The greater the thickness of the aluminum foil bag, Food Aluminum Foil Bags the more stringent packaging performance, the more able to meet the packaging requirements, but the cost of packaging will be higher, the cost of packaging materials to be calculated by the quality.

Food bags are not simply made of aluminum foil, but made of composite materials, this composite material made of aluminum foil and nylon compound, some made by the four co-extruded film, in the packaging of some Food, often multi-layer composite materials. The reason for using multi-layer compound is to pack food, Food Aluminum Foil Bags to maintain the quality of food needs, and the other is in the food packaging bags can be printed on the rich colors and patterns, which also make the food market recognition of a way, but also food publicity The necessary way.

Anti-static vacuum packaging bags of chemical oxidation is the vacuum bag and air in the oxygen or other substances released oxygen contact. People living, with the packaging industry from time to time development. The use of vacuum bags is becoming more common. The use of vacuum packaging bags, Food Aluminum Foil Bags need to pay attention to vacuum packaging bags of chemical oxidation.

And some will produce heat in the oxidation process, the occurrence of chemical changes with oxygen. Vacuuming of vacuum bags will not only reduce its quality. Spontaneous combustion, and some even exploded. Easy to oxidize a lot of products, such as some chemical raw materials, fiber products, Food Aluminum Foil Bags rubber products, oil products and cotton, linen, silk and other fabric. These products will be temporary and sunlight contact will become discoloration or hardening phenomenon, which is the result of vacuum packaging bags were oxidized.

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