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Food Aluminum Foil Bags Meet The Packaging Hygiene Standards
Jun 05, 2017

Food aluminum foil bags in the meat transport important role

The cooked food products in the transport, food aluminum foil bags play an important role. Such as fresh chicken and duck after slaughter, sealed by aluminum foil packaging, Food Aluminum Foil Bags coupled with the most efficient way of transport, you can immediately eat fresh chicken and duck; such as cooked food products processed by vacuum aluminum foil sealed packaging, to each The hands of a consumer. In short, food aluminum foil bags in the cooked meat products played an important role.

Protection, through the food foil bags for packaging, Food Aluminum Foil Bags on the one hand can extend the shelf life; the other hand, also ensure that the transport process to prevent pollution.

Fragrance function, through the food aluminum foil bags for packaging to ensure that the original flavor of meat products, the original flavor, taste endless.

Vacuum effect, food aluminum foil bags can be achieved with empty packaging, so that no oxidation of meat products to survive, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, Food Aluminum Foil Bags effectively locked the original flavor of meat products.

Food foil bags in the daily life of the role can not be ignored, with your good life is closely related.

Food aluminum foil bag features

(1) blocking air performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture.

(2) strong mechanical properties, anti-blasting performance, anti-puncture and tear resistance.

(3) high temperature (121 ℃), low temperature (-50 ℃), oil, Baoxiang performance.

(4) non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food, Food Aluminum Foil Bags pharmaceutical packaging health standards.

(5) heat sealing performance is good, soft, high barrier performance.

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