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Food Aluminum Foil Bag With Good Fragrance Performance
Jul 03, 2017

Food aluminum foil bags usually refers to the aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags, such products for large-scale precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates moisture, dark, vacuum packaging. More use of four-story structure, with good water, oxygen function. Unlimited, you can measure the size of different specifications, Food Aluminum Foil Bags the style of the bag, can be made flat pocket, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles.


(1) blocking air performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture.

(2) strong mechanical properties, anti-blasting performance, anti-puncture and tear resistance.

(3) high temperature (121 ℃), low temperature (-50 ℃), oil, good fragrance performance.

(4) non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food, Food Aluminum Foil Bags pharmaceutical packaging health standards.

(5) heat sealing performance is good, soft, high barrier performance.

Common food aluminum foil bag, its surface will generally have anti-gloss characteristics, that is, it does not absorb light, and take a multi-layer production, therefore, aluminum foil paper has both good shading, but also has a strong isolation, and because of There are aluminum ingredients in the inside, so it also has a good resistance to oil and softness.

Food aluminum foil bags in the production must have Chinese logo, Food Aluminum Foil Bags in accordance with national standards for food aluminum foil bags for testing, in line with health standards can be used. Food aluminum foil bag is best to protect the transparent colorless, do not use a lot of color to smear, so as to avoid color decomposition, resulting in harm. To protect the food aluminum foil bags in the factory to no smell, do a good job security check. Food foil bags to keep themselves, do not add coating, coating. The industry should use anti-static or shielding high performance aluminum foil bags, may need to do some anti-static food bags of food, the food industry should buy food-grade bags, odorless, non-hazardous, non-polluting packaging bag. Such as the need for low oxygen permeability of the bag, may consider the purchase of nylon material bags. Not the same product should choose the most affordable use of their own thickness, not to say that the thicker the better, the thicker the thickness may be higher, Food Aluminum Foil Bags your production costs will progress, choose the most appropriate use of the best.

In addition to aluminum foil, after the items are packed up, you can also pump the bag into a vacuum, vacuum state is more conducive to the preservation of items, and conducive to the preservation of meat products. Because the meat in the heat of the state is easy to degenerate, in the air state is also perishable deterioration, but in the bag after pumping into a vacuum, the food in the sealed state, Food Aluminum Foil Bags it is not easy to produce deterioration, and can maintain the original flavor and taste.

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