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Aluminum Foil Bags Meet Environmental Requirements
Jun 05, 2017

Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to the aluminum-plastic composite vacuum bag, such products are suitable for large-scale precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates moisture, dark, vacuum packaging. More use of four-story structure, with good water, Aluminum Foil Bags oxygen barrier function. Unlimited, you can tailor the specifications of different specifications, the style of the bag, can be made flat pocket, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. Products subject to GB and ASTM standards testing, the product in line with environmental requirements (to provide third-party testing report), Aluminum Foil Bags the products meet the EU and North America on the packaging materials the most stringent environmental standards.

The use of aluminum foil bags

Aluminum foil bags can be seen from the name, aluminum foil bags are not plastic bags, and even can be said that better than the general plastic bags. What kind of bags should you choose when you want to freeze or now pack food and have to keep the food shelf life as long as possible? Do not look for which kind of bag and headache, aluminum foil bag is the best choice.

Common aluminum foil bags, its surface will generally have anti-gloss characteristics, that it does not absorb light, and take a multi-layer production, therefore, aluminum foil paper has both good shading, but also has a strong isolation, and because of The composition of aluminum is inside, Aluminum Foil Bags so it also has good resistance to oil and softness.

Now, with the counterfeiting fake things continue to be exposed, especially the safety of plastic bags accident, people are not worried about the primary function of the bag, but its security. However, consumers can be assured that aluminum foil bags are not toxic and no special smell. It is absolutely green products, Aluminum Foil Bags environmental protection products, but also in line with national health standards of aluminum foil bags.

The benefits of aluminum foil bags

In the past, when people are visiting relatives and friends will bring a gift, which is the medieval tradition of customs, and visit the distant friends and family, and will bring some aluminum foil bags of their own home or their own specialty Good for the special snack dry goods, so that more sincerity and pro-thick, the so-called ritual affection is important, it is important share of mind. But some things are cooked food that is eaten, Aluminum Foil Bags in the way of carrying it will be easy to degenerate, so there are a lot of things are very delicious but no way to take away, afraid of the road when exposed to the air, so that food in the micro-organisms Produce mildew and deterioration, it may be due to the long time and lost the original taste of food. And now with the development of science and technology, these problems are solved, and if necessary, it is very good to avoid deterioration of food on the way, it will not damage the flavor of food. Vacuum packaging it has a good way to prevent the entry of air, Aluminum Foil Bags resistance to external pressure, to keep the freshness of the role of food. Visiting relatives and friends, home standing aluminum foil bags to carry the packaging, times face.

Classification of aluminum foil bags

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