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Aluminum Foil Bags Have High Barrier Properties
Sep 29, 2017

Aluminum foil bag is a combination of a variety of plastic film into the bag, mainly for daily necessities, food and other packaging. Style and diverse, with good water and so on.

The use of aluminum foil bags

Aluminum foil bags can be seen from the name, aluminum foil bags are not plastic bags, and even can be said that better than the general plastic bags. What kind of bags should you choose when you want to freeze or now pack food and have to keep the food shelf life as long as possible? Do not look for which kind of bag and headache, aluminum foil bag is the best choice.

Common aluminum foil bags, Aluminum Foil Bags its surface will generally have anti-gloss characteristics, that it does not absorb light, and take a multi-layer production, therefore, aluminum foil paper has both good shading, but also has a strong isolation, and because of The composition of aluminum is inside, Aluminum Foil Bags so it also has good resistance to oil and softness.

Now, with the counterfeiting fake things continue to be exposed, especially the safety of plastic bags accident problems, people are mainly worried about is not the function of the bag, Aluminum Foil Bags but its security. However, consumers can rest assured that aluminum foil bags are not toxic and no special smell. It is definitely green products, environmental protection products, but also in line with national health standards of aluminum foil bags.

The characteristics of aluminum foil bags

(1) blocking air performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture.

(2) Aluminum Foil Bags strong mechanical properties, anti-blasting performance, anti-puncture and tear resistance.

(3) high temperature (121 ℃), low temperature (-50 ℃), oil, Aluminum Foil Bags good fragrance performance.

(4) non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food, pharmaceutical packaging health standards.

(5) heat sealing performance, soft, Aluminum Foil Bags high barrier performance.

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