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Vacuum bagging tips
Mar 15, 2017

1. inspection of the pump: pump nozzle on their faces, and then pumping, note if it is felt the suction pump is good.

2. time Hou of bag if appeared drum rose phenomenon, except sealing not strict outside, while, bag in of quilt, things also will put gas, also will reduced vacuum degrees; on the, from physics angle,, again dense of material is has gap of, due to negative pressure of role, with time of over air molecular also will "squeeze into" bags within, vacuum effect also will gradually reduced of.

3. leather, feather products can be put into this product, but do not fully compressed.

4. before the clothes into a collection bag, wrapping paper or bags should be removed, otherwise it will affect the compression effect.

5. put into collection bags clothes fully dry, without the use of pesticides, preservatives, or it will cause discoloration, deterioration of acquired goods and so on.

6. bag has cracks or broke a small normal wide Scotch tape glued on both sides, can be a fitting close.

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